Nigeria: We Can’t Breathe

The Nigerian leaders are truly extraordinary. While other nations and leaders are providing relief to their citizens and offering bailouts to their services and production sectors to counteract the effects of pandemics Our leaders (not the top leaders) are devising more draconian policies that continue to oppress us and burden us with burdens. The government has just increased the cost of electric power and increased the price of fuel.

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This comes in the midst of the raging struggles of the people which is exacerbated by the poor economic performance as well as the Chinese virus crisis. It was really difficult prior to the outbreak. Companies are shutting down quickly and millions of jobs are being lost. Food and other items are at record levels. People are hungry and desperate. Nigerians are in dire need of assistance and our government must try our best to help them. They’re not the ones to blame I believe. Do they have enough money to pay the rent for their home? Do they pay for fuel? They’ve got everything they require. If they need more, they could obtain it by stealing things that they smugly steal and put away for the future. We’ve heard that they’ll be required to contribute more money to finance the budget. The government is able to finance itself through taxing already suffering citizens. Please inform me. What budget? You refer to the budget of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for them. They’ll increase budgets, award contracts to themselves and even pay themselves when the work is not done. As I type this the nation is in disarray as people protest against the police brutality and government’s inability to. Protests have spread across every major city in the country, leading to the deaths of a number of. Many government buildings were burned to the ground.

As the confusion was unfolding, I instantly thought of the things Pharaoh did in accordance with the Bible. King Pharaoh was furious when Moses requested that he release the Israelites. Instead of granting to Moses’ demand, the king exacerbated the suffering of the Israelites and vowed to destroy their spirit for ever. That’s exactly what I am seeing. The government is aware of how they can increase their revenue. They can accomplish this by cutting salaries that are excessive, estacodes , and allowances for elected, selected, and appointed officials of different government agencies. They could do this by taxing the wealthy who have billions of dollars in assets and flaunt them with out paying any tax. It is also possible to get them by removing unnecessary security votes that were an offer to elected officials. What happens to all the money and property in various currencies that were stolen from corrupt officials and former leaders? Where are they? Are they being reused as normal? We’ll discuss that in the future. We shouldn’t return the assets of the nation such as oil wells, companies and other assets which were wildly undervalued and then sell them off to our friends, cronies, and even relationships under the guise of privatization. We’ve sold everything, but we’re not getting only a fraction of the value. Look at the power industry. There is chaos everywhere. Distributors are treating Nigerians as slaves who have been conquered. You’re charged whatever you want, and then forced to pay or have your lights shut off. It’s like if there were no law, regulation, or oversight. There isn’t any protection for customers. A few days ago I went to AbakpaEnugu’s EEDC office, and was hounded by marketers. Customers who used to pay 7,700 now pay 16,000 per month. They won’t allow you to complain, or else they’ll keep you in the dark. They don’t even examine your meters. They make you pay an estimated bill. There’s no other choice. There is no other option. What is the reason we can’t take money from countries such as China where the government provides basic services however, it still supports the private sector with a lot of support? We could utilize mixed economy since the total capitalist system, which has worked for other countries, hasn’t been successful in China.

Our leaders have been guilty of lying. They don’t always live up to the ideals they promote. They advise against stealing however they steal your money using their biros or through proxy. They speak of democratic principles, but they go ahead and rig elections to control you by force. If you request for them to arrest the thieves They take what they stolen from them. The probe regarding the suspension of the chief of the Anti-Corruption Agency is in progress. The agency is accused of not being able to report hundreds of homes and billions of dollars in various currencies that were confiscated by corrupt officials and organizations. This is known as re-looting loot. While the investigation was underway, the agency’s office which kept track of these transactions was smashed up over night. The computers that contained the majority of the transactions were taken. Oh my God! Does that sound like an actual James Bond movie? Tell me the name of the film. We preach against the importation of goods everything we use as well as those that our families use are imported. When we discuss patriotism, nationalism and national pride but we actually despise and murder other people every day. When we talk about security, we actually support and arm criminals. Since then, I don’t trust any of these claims. There is more to us than just being incredibly corrupt and endemically genetically evil, corrupt, and insufferable. As I was writing, I attempted to charge my phone using an USB cable. After a couple of minutes the charger stopped working. I’m not sure how many chargers I’ve bought. Some will not last more than 3 days. No one is accountable for the fake medicines, materials, and products that have suffocated us. They’ve resulted in hundreds of deaths, fire outbreaks and collapses of buildings, accidents, and a myriad of other issues. It’s like exhausting. It is difficult to breathe in this environment. This was economic, political and eventually, it was the realm of corruption in religion.