Winning Paintball Maneuvers – The Art of The Slide

The majority of beginners are paralyzed by fear while playing speedball. Many beginners are paralyzed by the fear of being struck and stay in one bunker. In paintball, if the only thing you are thinking about is what your adversaries going to do, you’ll be an inactive player who can be easily eliminated.

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This is why some rookie teams aren’t ranked highly. A all-or-nothing and go for it commitment to the game is the only way you will succeed in competition paintball. Paintball players in tournaments must be aware of a single strategy every single moment. This is to always be moving ahead. You should plan and prepare to your next position as soon the match begins. This can force your opponent to become defensive and help you take his back. You’ll need to employ all your physical tools such as running, jumping, diving, and sliding to achieve this. The art of sliding can give you a huge advantage and will be among your most valuable skills.

There are three primary slides used in paintball, The Pop-up Slide, the Superman Slide, as well as the Lateral Slide. The Pop-Up Slide can be used for moving into a bunker diagonally or even in the front of you. The Pop-Up Slide can be performed by running toward the bunker that you would like to get to. Once you have reached the desired location, maintain the momentum moving forward, and keep your front foot pointed upwards. One of the most important factors to pull this slide off successfully is to keep your head and marker up, not pointing to the ground. Once reaching your bunker, you’ll suddenly rise from your back leg and onto your feet. This slide allows you to quickly move from one spot to the next and then get out of your way of your adversaries. If you are doing it right, you will be standing up once you are in the bunker, ready to fire at your adversaries. In defense, the Pop-Up Slide is great for ducking under fire and being able to get in the back of bunkers.

The Superman Slide is often reserved for those who want to get into the snake-shaped bunker. The Superman Slide is typically located just off the break once you are able to hear the buzzer. Start the Superman Slide by running towards the snake with your head and gun up. Then slowly shift your weight towards the ground as you near the bunker. Make sure that your gun’s tank is in your armpit. This will help prevent injury such as a fracture or dislocation. When you are at ground level, extend your arms up to the sky and slide on the snake’s forearms. This slide will allow you to get in the snake in the fastest and most efficient way. It is important to not get your marker’s barrel stuck in the ground when you enter the snake using a superman slide. If your barrel digs into the ground, it could harm your gun or at the very minimum stop the barrel from moving with dirt. To avoid this happening, try to keep your palms pointing upwards towards the sky. It may feel awkward at first but practice will help you become more comfortable.

You can use the Lateral Slide to maneuver to bunkers that are vertical to your position. For the Lateral Slide, move either to the left or the right in the direction of the bunker you want to reach. As you approach the bunker, lower your back foot to the ground while the leading leg is pointing toward the bunker. Continue sliding until you get to the bunker. Then, bring your back leg up and lift yourself off the ground. You can also use your heel ahead of you to slow down when you reach the bunker that you’re sliding to. This slide is like the Pop-Up Slide in all ways except the orientation of your front foot. for the Lateral version your front foot should be pointed to the side you’re sliding. Utilize this trick to avoid any fire that is coming and to move more quickly to the bunker , without being hit.

The most important thing to remember in all slides is to always remain on the ground (except for the Superman Slide); this makes sure that you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. Another key element is to be engaged in shooting while you are performing slides. It requires some time and practice, but it’s possible to integrate slides into your shooting. When you shoot in this manner, it will make it very difficult to make a hit. It’s important to remain focused on the field and never look down at the ground for a prolonged period of time. This will allow you to be aware of your opponent’s every move while you are moving and also in the event you need to make changes to your game plan. Be aware that sliding is a technique that is specifically designed for speedball. Woodsball terrains are rarely played on flat surfaces and frequently have stubs and rocks sticking out on the ground, making sliding impossible.

Another way to pull off winning sliding techniques is to put on a great pair of paintball pants. The pants are specifically designed for this kind of sport and will make a huge improvement in not only sliding , but also in protection in the long run. Paintball pants are constructed with tough, ripstop fabric that is able to withstand the rigors of normal sliding without tearing. For sliding, the best paintball pants have a smooth sheen that can help reduce friction on the ground to allow for more rapid movement. For smooth landings and prevent injury, good paintball pants are outfitted with extra padding and padding cells.

The best way to learn the art of sliding is by practicing. Start by working on your slides with no paintball gun so you can improve your skills at the move without getting injured. Once you’ve perfected the technique then you can begin practicing your slides while holding and firing your gun. Once this skill in place begin to practice your shooting precision while sliding. It is best to master how to glide on a smooth or even slippery surface in order to master it. Remember that practice does not make perfect. Just by doing it correctly, you’ll help you become proficient. If you feel that you are not performing your slides properly, talk to an advanced player; most will be willing to help. These slides will give you a competitive edge and help you develop into a better player.

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