A Brief Beginning for Internet Blogging Newcomers

Introducing the first blog project

Yes, you can make a lot of money from a simple blog. For those who don’t know what a blog is, this term stands for Weblog, which is basically an online record of your activity and experience in a particular subject area.
You can use free services for your blog, such as blogger.com. This is a great way to grow your blog on search engines using this service. However, in the long run, it’s a good idea to have your own website with your blog software installed. A good free one is WordPress. This is a PHP script and most good web servers provide it for free with a simple one-click installation.
First, we recommend using Blogger.com to buy your domain name and hosting at the same time. This is because it takes a long time to build a website and rank high in search engines. In the meantime, start building a basic website in your area while making your first blog post on Blogger.com. Choose a topic you are familiar with, preferably a hobby you are passionate about. In this way, the articles in your blog post will flow naturally and you will be able to enjoy the process more. You can also easily find blog readers through personal contacts, Facebook friends, and more.
Here are some simple recommendations for choosing a blog site domain name: Try to get an old domain over 5 years old using the most important keywords in your niche. Search engines like Google rank high on the longest-running sites. Sometimes people leave good domain names without knowing it, maybe they had bad marketing results using old marketing techniques.

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Making Money Fast From Your blogger.com Blog is the fastest and easiest way to use an affiliate program. For those who are new to here, the affiliate program sells other people’s products and pays a certain percentage of the final selling price. The easiest place to start an affiliate program is at ClickBank.com. There are also thousands of digital products such as ebooks, software and audio / video products. It’s easiest to connect without background checks or a time-consuming registration process.
Therefore, go to ClickBank and select about 5 products related to the selected subject area. Get your affiliate link and you’re ready. Now, don’t just attack your blog with lots of affiliate links. It turns out to be spam and readers will not like it. Therefore, it is advisable to provide quality information and interesting material first. Then include some recommendations for your affiliate program about twice a week.
Take the next step …
Once you’ve got traffic from blogger.com to your blog and increased your sales through the linker, it’s time to get your WordPress blog up and running on your site. You can now use the same article as the blogger.com blog, but it’s a good idea to rewrite the article as search engines mark the post as duplicate content. You’ll eventually create a blog on your site instead of Blogger.com, so you’ll need to promote your blog to make it stand out. The best way to do this is to have lots of backlinks from other sites. So all you have to do is join the top forums in your field and start posting. Please do not post explicit links on your blog. Rather, join the conversation, answer people’s questions, and give your views. First, create a biography and profile page. Post one or two links to your blog page only after making 5-10 comments to the thread and perhaps some of yourself. Please note that many forum editors dislike many links on their site.