Ban on Flying With Liquids Stays to 2013

The principles and procedures of comitology that apply to EU law allowed the Parliamentary Transport Safety Board to abolish the law when it met in January. However, he chose not to oppose it at the meeting, but skipped the way the ban remained in effect after the originally set deadline.
The main reason the ban came into force is that detection technology that can detect liquid explosives in all checked baggage that was expected to be lifted this year has not yet been activated.

CurrentHowever, the deadline for installing equipment at all airports in the EU is currently April 29, 2013. At that time, airplane passengers were prohibited from carrying drinks and various personal belongings such as toothpaste, shaving cream and perfumes in their baggage. Provisional amendment of regulations that will allow liquids purchased at airports in countries other than the EU or liquids transported by air from countries other than the EU to be registered from April 2011.

However, there are conditions that apply to this release.


The small amount of liquid allowed is intended to prevent terrorists from smuggling enough liquid that can be combined to create an explosive mixture. Visit:- https://flight-scanner.de/
The new machine can scan the liquid at boot time to see if it is dangerous or explosive in seconds. These plans continue to be valid, in addition to those announced by Nigerians to bring body scanners to the airport after attempting to blow up a plane over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.

The EU plans to first target passengers flying on connecting flights across Europe as part of relaxing restrictions on the transportation of liquids on flights. More than 100 ml of liquid transported on the previous flight or purchased at the airport is currently being confiscated from passengers passing through EU airports.
There are many complaints about this rule, but EU officials have said it shows the importance of such passengers. Liquid scanning technology is expected to become widely available in 2013, when you need to get used to scanning all drinks and perfumes before boarding.