Development: A Psychic Readers Opinion

We’re all interested in the person we are in reality as well as the reasons behind the things we do and what the future may hold for us, especially with regard to the forthcoming shift that is forecast for 2012 (the final year of a 25-year preparatory cycle begun in 1987), which is probably why visits to astrologers, tarot readers and numerologists are becoming more popular. While astronomers debate whether or not Pluto is actually a planet, and the tarot reader might wonder whether reversed cards can be used for readings however, not all numerologists are working with the same system. Let’s suppose you go to two numerologists in Timbuktwo One is in Timbukthree and the two have the same name and birthdate. But you walk away with two different explanations of your lifepath and name energy.

This is the issue. There are two systems of numerology. One is called the Pythagorian, which is the conventional system widely used today as well as the other, which is a secret. Yes, I will reveal the secret. The the mother of numerology, Chaldea (or Babylon) was founded approximately 6,000 years ago. This is about three thousand years prior to when the current system took off.

Chaldean numerology is the result. The system combines the significance of the numbers or their vibrations and the meanings, or vibrations of letters. Contrary to the conventional method it is true that the numerical value of each letter does not follow a sequence. This is illustrated through the numbers 9 which was thought to be sacred by the ancients (consider Jesus=9; Christ=9; and Jesus Christ=18/9). It is exempt from any use with regard to the value of letters. The name is observed from an objective viewpoint, in the same as I said that John F. Kennedy was an 8. There are other differences between the two methods that are worth mentioning. Chaldean numerology is the more difficult one to wrap a brain around however, it’s well worthwhile as the results are more precise, specific, and meaningful.  Visit:- https://numerologyreader.com/

One of the most important facts I would like to prove without doubt is that energies of numbers as well as letters is scientifically proven. We all started with numbers (2 cells joined) and letters (Y Z and chromosomes) so the idea that we can project our own energy or vibrations isn’t as absurd as Einstein’s theory of relativity (E=mc2) is just hogwash. In fact, it was once believed knowing one’s name meant having power over them. This is still the case. We give out our personal information to anybody who wants to. After our name has become well-known, anyone with an internet connection is able to search it. After this, the person who is researching our name does indeed have the power to influence us…identity theft comes to mind. If we’re willing use the power of our names in such a way, why not investigate the power of our own name? It is ours, at the very least, and probably the most valuable thing we have, though it’s not always apparent until ownership is held to be in question. There’s more to the name than is commonly recognized and that is the reason Chaldean numerology is all about: revealing the real power of your name and offering ways to harness the power of your name.

It’s a quick read you can perform on yourself. Add the month you were born to the day you were born such as The day I was born is the 10th of March. Therefore, my birthpath can be calculated by taking the month of birth (03) as well as the date (10) and then adding them together (13). Simply reduce the double digits that you have come up with (4 for me) and read the following short story, and when you get to your number, consider how it relates to your personal life. Your number will show the main path you’re on or how you can incorperate into your path.

A caveman awoke in the middle of the forest. He is a little man with a bump on the top of his head. However, the man doesn’t know who he is. He knows he’s the only person. He is the only one (1). He is the only one (1). He’s hungry and cold. He is not thinking of seeking help because, as far as he knows there is no other. He is unable to remember anything and therefore has no source of information. He is a natural instinct to survive, and gathers fruits to eat as well as huge, leafy branches to build an impromptu shelter. He has an idea in his head that banging two stones together over a stack of twigs and brush twigs can generate heat. He struggles and complains about his attempts for a few minutes, but perseveres until he has achieved his goal. He sat on the sofa in front of the warm fire, enjoys more berries, and then pats the stick beside him. It’s a security for him in the event that he has to defend himself from unwelcome visitors. He feels secure, confident and at ease and making plans for the next day. He plans to explore the surroundings, gather more food, follow the creature that his eyes see reflections in the flames and maybe even make himself a coat…but suddenly, his attention is diverted by a new appearance within the darkness that lies beyond the fire’s circle and he rises to his feet. He doesn’t know what to do and is not prepared for a visit from a stranger.

Just beyond the circle is another similar one. He is amazed by the fact that this creature has longer hair than him, and its chest is covered with globes that are round. He was able to pull this creature out of darkness and bring her next to him at the campfire. He is now not alone. Now there are two (2). In the next few days, they will learn to take care of each other. They will become a couple because each of them nurtures the other. She’s particularly content, helping to clean the camp and prepare the food that he collects. She likes to be near him, touch him and hug him. He is at ease with her company and loves her soft voice, her eyes, and her touch. He feels safe and at home with her . they share their joy in darkened dances that are among the oldest in history. It’s almost like they’ve been searching for one another throughout their life.

They’re amazed and shocked to find a miniature version of themselves emerge from her stomach months later. They had been thinking about why she was so fat !… This is a caveman. The euphoria soon fades as they realise how exhausting it is to care for the tiny baby. After the birth, they are now three (3)and the constant activity centers around the child, who is a miniature version of the woman who requires to be fed or changed, entertained, snorted at, and soothed in an, ongoing loop. The only break is when the child sleeps. It seems that it happens every 20 minutes. This is a completely new experience for both of them. Their brains are constantly busy and there is always something to do and think about. Each of them learns to give the other space to reflect and rest.

In a short period of time after a mutually agreed decision, they begin to clear the forest next to a large rock. Using strong branches as spines and moss as a base, they design the hut or home, by using the rock as well as three solid lengths of wood buried deep in foundational holes to form the four (4) corners of the base. After bracing smaller pieces of wood to this base, they then complete the structure by covering it with large leafs, moss and branches. The process requires a lot of time and energy, however they are happy with the outcome, since they had realized that they needed a proper secure and safe environment to raise their child, and they understood that this was their duty to provide. Families is more stable and it’s possible to establish a routine. Each parent assumes duties and chores and assumes personal responsibility to ensure that the essential elements of life are maintained.


A good way to begin the process of developing your psychic is to seek a psychic readers opinion on the best place to start. Everyone has individual capabilities and talents which are specific to our individual. Every person has their own divine power. Want to learn more about psychic abilities? Continue reading!

There are more than six billion humans across the globe, and each has their own particular energy pattern. The act of listening is a fantastic method to improve your psychic skills. Some people are best at learning by doing. There are those who learn best by doing it by doing the tasks step by step.

Three methods of learning for teachers. They are learning methods of hearing, looking, and acting. Sometimes, you can combine several of these learning methods.

These are some questions that readers can ask to learn more about how to grow.

1. Consult your psychic on the strengths and weaknesses that are essential to you in your quest. A lot of us possess hidden talents we don’t recognize. Sometimes, we just need confirmation and encouragement to understand which strengths we have. The earlier one starts to study, the better.

2. One good topic to bring up is about ways to limit the negative energy that is present in your environment and in your own life. The negative energy can pull you back and slows down progress. First, pinpoint where it is coming from and then take steps to reduce the amount of exposure.

3. There are numerous amazing manifestations in the occult world. They include crystals, prayers, and meditation. It is best to focus on one particular area to become good at it instead of trying a variety of things at first. You can be an expert in a particular area, such as crystal energy, then proceed to a different branch of metaphysical data. In this way, you build your abilities incrementally.

A psychic reading about your psychic abilities will provide you with information on the various aspects of development. No matter what the opinions of the psychic, you should be attentive to the information and inquire about the information. There is a great likelihood that the information is correct if it feels right.

4. There are numerous paths to psychic abilities. Numerology, clairvoyance and Astrology are all possibilities. Each one has a unique energy and is better suited to individuals depending on the natural abilities.

If you give it a go and you feel it is right, this is the right choice. It is possible to try a different one in case you’re not satisfied. There are many methods of metaphysics that are available. You’ll soon realize that each psychic has their own distinctive point of view if you’ve encountered one. It could be a tarot reading or it could be crystal ball gazing.

The opinion of a psychic reader could make a huge difference in your development as a psychic. It’s another way to accelerate personal growth in this fascinating subject.