Membership Fees – Forbidden Words?

You’re probably aware that I’ve seen a lot of videos and blogs promoting applications that require for a membership Fee. It seems like paying for “ANYTHING” isn’t right. In fact some even go to suggest that anyone who wants you to pay for a membership fee is a sign to be wary of them.

Wait a minute: are you really serious? I think that in the business world the people are obsessed and are looking for everything free.

I love Free just as the other person, but the truth is that there is a point at which you will have to invest money in order for your business to succeed and anyone who tells you that you shouldn’t is setting yourself for failure BIG TIME! !

Paying the membership fee must be determined by the following factors: (This is a short list, but there’s more)

* Does the information of the data valuable enough to me to be able to afford it every month?

Do you think the program provide me with an option to pay the monthly charges through referring other people to the program or provide an option for me to not pay out of pocket each month?

* Does this information mean I cannot find elsewhere?

* Are the person who provides the information clear enough to provide you with the specific steps they took to achieve success? Or will they entice users to sign up and provide you with a bunch of general information that’s difficult to figure out by yourself? Visit:- https://www.vuabai99.com/

Did you pay a fee to sign-up and now have to pay additional support charges to receive assistance with the information provided by the source of the information?

Here are a few questions that will get you thinking. Thinking that states, “if it’s not Free there’s something wrong in the software” is an example of “Poverty Mentality”.

I learned from a business mentor many years ago that Rich and poor people do not think in a different way; they are the exact opposite of one other! !

The term “Poverty Mentality” says, “how much will it cost me since I’m probably not able to afford it” Where a wealthy person will inquire about the benefits I get for the amount I pay and what speed can I earn an income from the “investment”? (notice the word) Do you notice the distinction? It’s similar to night and day.

Wealthy people are seeking assets to purchase that will provide them with long-term cash flow while the poor Mentality is merely thinking about the present. The wealthy see it as an “investment” for themselves.

The majority of business owners don’t just have a poverty Mentality but also have a “Casino Mentality” meaning they are looking for something free. Then, one day, they enroll to a program, and without effort or spending any money, they become Rich!!! This isn’t the Beverly Hillbillies (and yes I did say “aint “):)

Don’t be fooled by anyone. The path to success in business requires: The Right Program plus perseverance, prayer, dedication and yes, it’s going to cost money. The one thing you have to be aware of is giving away your hard-earned cash to anyone who requests it. Be sure, using the rules above that they satisfy the requirements of spending your money.

What have we learned?

The cost of membership is not a forbidden words , and if paying them to the right person will assist you in reaching Success. Don’t look for a free ride, you’ll have spend money at some point. Finally, think like the wealthy and view every business project as an opportunity for you to invest in yourself.