Website Vs Blog

A beginner online often gets confused when talking about blogs and websites. What’s the difference? Which should I pick or go with? What are the advantages of a site and of a blog? Answers to all of these questions are provided within this post.

What is a Website?

A website is a collection or interconnected pages that are hosted on a domain. They use the typical HTML, php and more..

What is a Blog?

A blog can also be a website but uses the Content Management System (CMS) similar to WordPress.

Benefits, Advantages/Differences of a Blog over a Website

A website is usually extremely professional and follows an easy to understand business methods. A blog, on contrary, is similar to a diary but online. Blogs are written regularly by bloggers on a particular niche and visitors are welcome to comment on the articles written. In this blog, people can talk casually and less official. It builds strong relationship.

A website and a blog are both useful. It’s not a matter about which one is superior, but rather which one is better for your purpose online. It’s what you are trying to accomplish that determines which one to choose. Both of them can go together.

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Below are some advantages/differences of a blog compared to a website.

Blogs are inexpensive to set up

Since all fingers are not equal the primary advantage of a blog as compared to the web is that it’s less expensive to create. With $20 (max.) you can get a hosting service for a WordPress blog. However, it’s completely different with the creation of a website. And if you can not manage to pay for $20 for the domain and hosting services, you can of course begin with a free hosting service even though it’s not the best but you could start with it and not invest even a cent. You can get a good free hosting package from blogger, which is owned by Google. Using blogger you could even link your blog to your Google AdSense account. So, you’ll receive your hosting for free and earn money. It’s cool, right? I was thinking the same thing, except that it’s not the way to go for serious Blogging (professional).

Blogs are inexpensive to run and maintain.

Since creating a blog doesn’t necessarily require possessing any skills, practically anyone can run blogs, however for creating a website, you’ll need HTML and website designing skill.

The simplicity of creating a blog has resulted in the more than 130 million blogs online today and the number increases every day, as thousands of people who could never have had the funds to create a website are using blogs, and in some cases making good money through it.

Blogs are easy to update

To make a post on a blog , all you have do is log in to your dashboard, write your blog post and then click publish and in minutes your post will be visible for anyone online who visits your blog to read. In the case of static websites, in order to upload an article you must first open your editor FrontPage, Dreamweaver e.t.c. write your article, update the page’s properties before you upload the page with FTP software. Depending on the strategies you applied, it could take a few months before your website is indexed by Google.

Blogs can be used to write text or audio, as well as video. It is possible to have it up and running in just a few minutes this is not exactly the case with a website. It is necessary to pay an amount of money each when you plan to bring an update to your website if you do not have the skill of managing static site.

Blogs allows for self-organization

Blogs automatically organizes its content by date as well as by category. Additionally, since blogs are built-in to search function, readers and engine spiders can effortlessly run a search on your blog and find what they are looking for. For a static website you need to organize its pages.

Blogs may be Ping

Blogs can be “pinged” so that Google is alerted each time you publish new content and check your blog in order in order to search it. It is possible to do this in static websites, but it will take longer than it is needed for a blog that is focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and have the website show up in search results.

Search Engines Love Blogs

Search Engines love blogs because they provide regular, fresh content because that’s exactly the type of content that people search online and search engines would not make millions if readers do not receive regular, fresh contents to browse through. Blogs tend to be easily indexed and within a shorter the same amount of time as static websites.

Search engines also push blogs higher in search results than static website just for its fresh content. Static website though could contain some articles but are mostly designed to promote products or services.And they may not be updated for months. Website designers focus on the look of their site rather than the content that is on them , and also maximizing Search Engine Optimization to get traffic.

Blogs allow users to freely express themselves via Comment Feeds

The Comment Feed on blogs provides the opportunity for people to share their thoughts in a casual manner and interact with others hence creating a trusting relationship between your readers and you. That is the purpose of blogging because once they believe in you, you are an actual professional in your subject. This means that in the future, if you propose or provide them with any product (s) for sale you will see huge numbers of people buying from you. This, at the end of the day is the reason for us to blog, or, at a minimum, the reason that the majority of us blog – Advertise and earn money. A static site does not allow this, even if it does, discussions are usually very formal.