Writing a Successful and Profitable Blog

Writers are always searching for new and profitable writing jobs. This is a possibility you might not have thought of blogging.

To get blog jobs only need only one thing: a blog. The “sample” blog not only will show your proficiency in writing, but will also make cash for you.

Learn how to start your first successful blog which will also get you employed as a blogger.

1. Plan – Find a topic on your blog

The first step is to plan your blog. It is by far the most crucial stage, as it determines the success or the failure the blog. Visit:- https://sangkakala.id/

If you’re only looking to gain blog-related jobs using your sample blog you may not think that creating the right blog is crucial However, think about it this way – if your blog is profitable, it has the potential of earning you fantastic income (top blogs make $1000 a day and more) Therefore, planning to be successful is common sense.

You must find a focus for your blog – an area to write about. Your subject could be anything at all including entertainment, sports and celebrities, pets… Choose a subject. It is essential to focus your blog to ensure that you are able to attract readers.

2. Write articles for your blog

Your blog must be filled with information to attract readers on its own and to also attract people who are looking to get you to blog for them.

Write articles on your blog’s subject to give the necessary substance. Be sure to keep your focus and remain focused on the subject. Your blog is NOT an “online journal”, it’s a tool which will get you writing jobs, that could turn into an actual business.

3. Provide information about yourself and your writing skills

As your blog gets more popular it will attract more readers and some of them are looking for bloggers. Therefore , you should ensure that every person who visits your blog knows that they can hire you to write for them.

Make your own “About” page, which focuses on your writing skills, and lets people know that you are available to create content for their company. Your About page should include the contact information you provide – contact details for your email, Skype URL, and IM address as well. It should be easy for users to contact you. You could also include a small “Hire Me” graphic in your sidebar.

It’s essential to inform people that you’re willing to write. I am a coach for writers, and I know that writers who tell me that his blog isn’t bringing his blog any jobs I know that this is because he’s hiding in the knowledge that he’s willing to write for other people.

People skim Web pages. They don’t thinkand do not know who you are. Unless you inform them they’re not capable of knowing that you’re available to write for them – so you must advertise it as much as possible on your blog.

Also, you should not just have an “About” page which tells the world that you’re in touch, you need a note in your sidebar, and you should also write a short paragraph about your availability at end of every blog post.

The sentence can say something like: “Need a blogger? I’m available to blog for you. Contact me for further information.”

4. Join blogs to gain readers by signing up for directories

There are many blog directories. You can join one of them or two. They’ll help you to become an active participant in the blogging world, which is the blogosphere, the community of bloggers. Other bloggers will check out your blog, and will help you find the best avenue of blog jobs.