The Paralysis of Choice

Did you notice that most of our wants do not meet our needs once we’re at the point of receiving them? This is usually because we’re both insatiable and unsatisfied. In addition the more options that we can choose from, the more and more anxious we feel.

At one point, when we went out to buy a bag of cereal, we only had a couple of options. There are now over thirty kinds of cereal available and new flavors are added each week. It was so easy to purchase only a couple of varieties of cereal at the grocery store.

The success of modernity is bittersweet due to its overabundance in choices. Having too many choices causes psychological distress, especially when it’s combined with regret and comparison as well as the desire to have the most perfect of everything.

There are steps we can adopt to alleviate a variety of sources of distress. These steps aren’t straightforward to follow. They require discipline, training and a different way of thinking.

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Here are a few things you can do to reduce the anxiety of making a choice as much as you can:

1. Select the time to make your choice and when to decide not to.

Our general well-being is based on our ability to choose. But, having too many choices has negative results for us. To manage excessive choice we need to determine what choices that we make in our lives are important and concentrate our attention and energy there, letting other opportunities go through.

2. Be a chooser not a picker

People who can think about what factors influence a decision are called choosers. Perhaps none of these choices is right for you, or perhaps you must create a brand new one. Pickers are passive users who select from the available options. Pickers take their time to alter their objectives, whereas pickers aren’t able to modify their goals. They don’t go with the crowd, and those who pick do. Making the right choice takes time and focus. Make a conscious choice and you’ll experience less stress.

3. Make sure you are satisfied and enjoy more

Maximizers suffer the most from an environment that gives an abundance of choices. Maximizers worry most about regret or missed opportunities and social comparisons. We have to learn to accept good enough. This can increase our satisfaction. It is often hard to accept a level of satisfaction that is adequate, especially because we live in a culture of more. It is essential to acknowledge and acknowledge satisfaction.

4. Make sure you practice gratitude

The way we judge our choices with other people is a major element in the way we evaluate them. This includes comparisons only possible within our imaginations. Instead of looking at negative elements of an experience focus on the positive. This will enhance your perception of the experience.

If you follow these steps, you will be less stressed about choices and you will be able to enjoy the rich culture we live in and also being able to take a step back and not be paralyzed by the abundance of choices.