You Gotta Serve Somebody

Many people understand that part of their life is working for somebody or something. Our elected officials, as well as our military are expected to understand the terms; they are in service. Others, including doctors, farmers truckers, train engineers, wait staff and contractors at any establishment they understand their efforts provide services. If they do their job well enough their product will sell making them rich in some way. Service is vital and everyone depends on it. However, only a few appreciate the importance of the work done by service providers.

When they reach success many people forget that they too are suppliers of services, as well as that their end customer must believe their service is worthy of the money they pay for. Actors, actresses, sports figures, and the majority of the entertainment industry appear to be plagued by the idea that they do not require any one once they’ve made it. They have lost sight of the person carrying the wallet which is open to pay for their performance and the importance of that individual to their success. They shun the various industries and trades that exist to fill the wallets that enable their success. It is no wonder their clients have decided that they are not worth the effort and they have no desire to spend their hard-earned dollars on those who have such a negative view of them and their efforts? Are they surprised? Not really.

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There are perhaps none so blind to their job title as officials elected by the people. They are chosen by the popular vote and for one reason only; they are sent out to fulfill the desires of the voters who chose them. It’s thrilling leaving behind the anonymity of being unknown and suddenly find that reporters and newscasters value your opinion. Many people believe they are celebrities since they are offered chances for bribes. A lot receive sweetheart deals to fulfill the demands of people who never offered the chance to make these choices. Be aware of Senators and Representatives and the people they represent. It may be interesting that many states are being represented by people who can never share their voter’s values and are unable to defend their interests. This has become a scourge in America and around the world. People are misrepresented by those who are entrusted with their votes as the consequences for disdaining their constituents are great. The suffering and hurt they inflict on the unassuming victims who trusted and entrusted them can be back-breaking.

America was founded on the backs of hard-working men and women who realized they were providing services to the community; they were proud to provide that service. A hard-working day for fair wages can be a source of pride while humility, honor, and integrity are cultivated through these efforts. We’re more successful when we realize the importance of serving others.’ Honesty is the ultimate quality of service; and choosing not to reward the people who don’t respect your efforts is a high level of integrity. Making good choices about who we choose to support with our dollars or even our votes has never been more vital. America is most vocal with their wallets and vote. Make the vote count every single time.