Blackpool St John's Church

Stories Jesus told - a series of talks from our monthly all-age worship service, where we're looking at the stories, or parables, that Jesus told, and what it is they mean.

3.9.17 The Lost Coin - Bill talks to our kids first, and then adults, about the story of the lost coin, and the celebration in heaven when we come to know Jesus!

6.8.17 The Ungrateful Son -Steve talks about the great story Jesus told that shows God's heart for us. 

23.7.17 The Mustard Seed - Steve talks about faith, the kingdom and the mustard seed!

2.7.17 The Wise & Foolish Builders - Bill brings us part 1 of our new series for our all age services, where we're focusing on the stories (parables) that Jesus told. The first stop is the story of the wise and foolish builders. 

7.5.17 Family Service - Steve talks from John 10 v 1-10 about Jesus - the Good Shepherd who gives us life in fullness.