Blackpool St John's Church

The Big Picture - an overview of Paul's letter to the Ephesians, 6 short chapters which cover the entirety of the Christian message! To read the letter, click here.

16.7.17 Heaven is Yours! - Steve brings us part 1 of The Big Picture, sharing on chapter 1 and His heart for revival.

13.8.17 The Master Plan - Matt Rowley (Church Army officer based at Christ Church with All Saints) brings us part 3 - talking about the mystery of God's plan of salvation!

20.8.17 Serve & Grow - Howard brought us part 4 of our walk through Ephesians. The audio isn't available but click the link for the text version. 

27.8.17 The Call to Holiness - Peter Lillicrap (Vicar of St Mark's Layton) visits and talks about Ephesians chapter 5 - the call to holiness.